The Story Behind Exact Golf Tool

Meet The Founder

Michael the Founder of Exact Goal Desgins LLC, is a retired Architect and playing Golf for over 40 years.

He witnessed an incident a few years ago when a Lady Professional Golfer was penalized 4 shots for replacing her ball incorrectly.

He went to his drawing board to study the interaction between circles ,as Ball Markers and Golf Balls are circular.

He established how difficult it is to accurately touch a circle with a circle. He then Designed a unique new Ball Marker ,which surrounds the golf ball ,touching the green.

This ensures that the golf ball will always be replaced on the Exact spot ,in accordance with the Rules of Golf. The Ball Marker is incorporated into a Maxi and Mini Golf Tool with a number of different functions.

The Designs were Patented and the Tools are Manufactured in USA. Other Golf Products were designed to complement the Golf Tool

The Founder would consider selling the Patents and Inventory to a reputable Company.

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